Features of Parrot

Project Management

Efficiently organize and track projects from inception to completion, including milestones, deadlines, and progress tracking, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Team Collaboration

Foster collaboration among teammates with shared workspaces, discussion boards, and file sharing, enhancing productivity and cohesion through seamless communication.

Task Management

Streamline task allocation, tracking, and prioritization, ensuring clarity on responsibilities and deadlines for all team members, and enabling efficient workload management.

Reporting Tools

Generate comprehensive reports on project status, team performance, and task completion, providing valuable insights for decision-making and analysis, and facilitating accountability across the organization.

Calendar Integration

Sync project deadlines, meetings, and milestones with a centralized calendar, facilitating scheduling and coordination across teams, and ensuring everyone is aligned with project timelines.

Time Management

Track and manage time spent on tasks and projects, allowing teams to allocate resources effectively, prioritize activities, and optimize productivity, leading to improved project efficiency and delivery.