Features of Promptpro

Attendance Management

Seamlessly track employee attendance, manage leave requests, and generate attendance reports, simplifying HR processes and ensuring accurate record-keeping for payroll and compliance.

Inquiry Ticket System

Enable users to submit inquiries or requests through a user-friendly ticketing system, allowing for efficient tracking, prioritization, and resolution of customer queries, enhancing customer satisfaction and support efficiency.

Support Ticket System

Streamline customer support operations with a robust ticketing system for logging, assigning, and tracking customer issues or complaints, facilitating prompt resolution and improving customer service quality.

Report Generation

Generate comprehensive reports on various aspects such as attendance, inquiries, support tickets, and employee performance, providing valuable insights for decision-making, performance evaluation, and process improvement.

Employee Management

Centralize and manage employee details, including personal information, contact details, job roles, and performance records, ensuring data accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with privacy regulations.

Task Assig. & Tracking

Assign tasks to employees, set deadlines, and track task progress in real-time, fostering accountability, collaboration, and productivity across teams, and ensuring timely project completion.